Much Needed

I did go to the gym yesterday. Before going to a 12:50 am showing of Harry Potter. Totally worth the hangover-esque headache I’m carrying around. So today I’m taking a much needed rest day. Ahh…

I did thirty minutes of cardio work. More specifically, I did thirty minutes on a treadmill, with 8 incline at 3.0 speed. I was supposed to do that at 2.5 but I wasn’t even close to my target heart rate so I upped the speed. Apparently I should of kept the same speed (2.5) and increased the incline. How do I know this? I told Lex.

He said that fat is burned over time at a gradual pace. I did not know that. Lex thought that what he had told me to do would be tough enough, but it just wasn’t. He upped the incline to 12 and the same speed. We’ll see how that goes.

On the agenda for tomorrow I’m taking a Body Pump class. It’ll be my first. I’m excited and anxious. I’m not really sure what to expect from the class, but I’ve heard good things.

Here’s to a good weekend.


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