This post is a little late. I know I should’ve posted earlier but I was busy helping my mom move. She’s in her new apartment and it looks beautiful.

Now about Body Pump… What can I say? Um, I loved it! I never thought I would say that about any workout but I really worked hard and it felt great.

I do need to say though that the squat and lunge portion of the workout was brutal. My quads were on fire. My abs feel like jelly. I had no idea that this would work out every last inch of my 5’3″ frame. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.

I haven’t mentioned anything about calories or weight yet because I haven’t really been weighing myself that much. I’m going more with inches. I am trying to stay under 1400 calories, but Lex says that I probably need more. I will check in a few days and see if I need to up them. I haven’t felt like I’ve been lacking anything but as time goes on I’ll probably need more.

Tomorrow I’m going to do regular cardio. Thirty minutes at 12 incline and 2.5 speed. I’m thinking that after the quad workout I had today it’ll be like climbing frigging Everest.

I only have 30 pounds I want to lose and I’m on my way. All I want really is to see that my abs really do exist. Under the layer of goo there’s bound to be a couple.


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