Spoke Too Soon

I’m so sore. Every inch of me hurts. Muscles I didn’t think I had hurt. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to train like I’d like to this week considering that even my fingers hurt. I did work out today though. Lightly.

I went for a long walk. In the Texas heat which is the equivalent to walking ten miles in any other place. It was so hot today that I’m pretty sure some of me melted.

The surgery I had a few months ago is not making things easier. I had a breast reduction, going down three sizes and six inches. But lifting weights is painful now, and I’m trying hard to push through the pain. I’ll find the strength. It’s in me. Somewhere.

Tomorrow will be another day. Cardio and some Bodystep. I haven’t taken a step class in twenty years. I hope it’s changed in these years because I really didn’t like it.

I’m down two pounds in a week. That’s not bad. I’ve found new muscles and I think I’ll reach my goal.

No giving up. That’s not an option. Not. An. Option.


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