What Not to Say…

To your trainer.  Lex means business.  That much is clear.  He let me have it today.  I’m not even kidding.  This is pretty much how the day went…

Lex:  Have you been following the diet? 

Me: Pretty much. 

Wrong answer.  He moved the incline on the treadmill from 12 to 30.  It was crazy!

Lex: What are you drinking daily?

Me: Water, coffee…

Wrong answer.  10 more reps of this awful, horrible back exercise.

Lex: What’s your favorite number?

Me: Five (big fat lie, it’s actually twenty-two)

Wrong answer.  Take that times five.  OMG!

Lex: Are you enjoying this?

Me: Yes. (Again with the lies)

Wrong answer.  Increase the weight another 20 pounds.

I’d like to curl up and whimper right now.  Crying would take too much effort.  I’d like a nice big bottle of water and a Vicodin please.  And someone to carry me to my bed.  Heck! I’d settle for dragging me to bed.

Cardio tomorrow.  15 incline, 2.5 speed, 30 minutes.  I can totally do that.


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