A Reason

I meant to write. Really, I did. Would you believe that I didn’t because my arms were sore? You should.

I was going to write several times but I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even straighten my arms to type. I’m much better now and have since done more cardio and a Body Step class. After which I was a sweaty mess.

I was able to keep up much better at this class. I didn’t stumble around and flail about. I was much more “graceful”. That is if one can be graceful while sweaty and bouncing. It really isn’t possible. That’s the reason ballet isn’t done outside. I can’t see Swan Lake being as beautiful in Spandex and bright red.

But the class was good and I see results. After about two weeks I can see true results. I’m happy that my pants don’t fit. For once.

I will start cleaning out my closet in the next month or so and replacing items. Just the basics for now.

I did realize though that I don’t think I’ve been getting enough calories. I’ve been shaky and weak. I upped my calorie intake a bit by adding some snacks. Each one is about 200 calories.

Next post I’m going to go into some details about the goals I want to achieve. I hope you all will keep me honest with reaching them.

I know weight is just a number. Size is just a number. I’m striving for comfort in my body. Whatever size that is.

I just know I don’t want to quit. I’ll push myself past my comfort zone. I’m aiming for health but I’ll be happy to find a smaller size on that road.


One response to “A Reason

  • Ligia (Mami)

    I am soooooooooooooooooproud of you! Love you just the way you are and seeing you so happy makes my heart smile big!!!

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