Monthly Archives: August 2011


My poor dog. My son fed her almost an entire bag of treats. His reason: she likes them. Now she’s as sick as a…well, dog. Sorry. Had to.


She is miserable. She looks awful. It’s actually quite pathetic. Hopefully she will be back to normal soon.

I have a feeling that she won’t want “treats” anymore.



I’ve been bad and haven’t posted. I got tired of all of the exercise posts. So, I’m changing things up and making the exercise posts once a week. Go ahead, rejoice! The rest of the time you’ll get to hear about random things from my life because it gives me something else to think about.

This week at work has been crazy hectic. Imagine being busy, then busier, then on a deadline, then logging hours of overtime, all for another week of it. Oh my!

That is just what you do when the bug man shows up. The paycheck will be sweet. A blessing in disguise.

That’s all for tonight. By the way, exercise has been non-existent this week.

One of Those Days

It was just a strange day. I got in a bit of trouble at work. Then I lost my keys. Then I got out of trouble. Then I had to do more math at work. Then I cried.

Well, not really, but I could’ve.

I had another cardio day. It was the same as yesterday. I burned 520 calories according to the treadmill. Not too shabby. I shouldn’t complain. I’m not complaining, actually I was pretty proud.

I have found that I like to read while I’m on the treadmill. It is something that keeps me more entertained than music. It is quite a bit more involved than just zoning out to music. The distraction is perfect.

I have Lex tomorrow. I’m in for a heap of trouble. It’s gonna be awesome. Hopefully, I’ll feel more like myself then. I’m still dealing with that nagging pain. Nothing a little rest can’t cure.

Here’s to hoping that’s true.

A Test

It took everything I had to get me to go to the gym today. See, I’m in pain. Not from my workout but another issue I deal with. A little something that can only be appeased with Vicodin or alcohol. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does I just want to crawl into bed with chocolate and a warm blanket. Well, today (and yesterday) was (were) that day.

I still went to the gym but I wasn’t at my best. I did what I could and I worked up a good sweat. I worked through the nagging pain and came out on the other end a wet, pained hot mess.

But I did it. And on some days that’s all that matters.

35 minutes of cardio. 15-21 incline, 2.6-3.0 speed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me there is some chocolate calling my name and the Tylenol is in my hand.

Have a pleasant night.

A Secret

There is something I don’t like to talk about. Something I’m a little ashamed to admit. I’m hesitant to see family because I think they’ll judge my weight.

Well, this weekend I had to overcome this. I had family come visit from Costa Rica. They were very pleased with my progress. They do judge a little. I love them and I know they will expect better from me.

I do look better than the last time they saw me. I’m stronger and thinner and I don’t eat as much. All good things. It was a wonderful thing. I was so stressed to see them because I haven’t been happy with my body, bit hearing that I looked good and that I had lost weight made me feel great. It’s not about being shallow, it’s about knowing they are proud. It made my anxiety disappear. I’m happy that I was able to show change.

Today was another unprecedented day at the gym. I worked out for an hour with Lex and then I did 40 minutes of cardio. I did 18-20 incline and 2.6 speed. I was feeling it.

Another unprecedented thing: I used the stairstepper for the first time ever. It was…different. I didn’t like it. But I’m alive. Yay!

Tomorrow I will be doing CX30 and probably Body Pump. I’ll be at the gym for at least another hour and a half. It feels great.

Who the heck am I?