A Secret

There is something I don’t like to talk about. Something I’m a little ashamed to admit. I’m hesitant to see family because I think they’ll judge my weight.

Well, this weekend I had to overcome this. I had family come visit from Costa Rica. They were very pleased with my progress. They do judge a little. I love them and I know they will expect better from me.

I do look better than the last time they saw me. I’m stronger and thinner and I don’t eat as much. All good things. It was a wonderful thing. I was so stressed to see them because I haven’t been happy with my body, bit hearing that I looked good and that I had lost weight made me feel great. It’s not about being shallow, it’s about knowing they are proud. It made my anxiety disappear. I’m happy that I was able to show change.

Today was another unprecedented day at the gym. I worked out for an hour with Lex and then I did 40 minutes of cardio. I did 18-20 incline and 2.6 speed. I was feeling it.

Another unprecedented thing: I used the stairstepper for the first time ever. It was…different. I didn’t like it. But I’m alive. Yay!

Tomorrow I will be doing CX30 and probably Body Pump. I’ll be at the gym for at least another hour and a half. It feels great.

Who the heck am I?


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