A Test

It took everything I had to get me to go to the gym today. See, I’m in pain. Not from my workout but another issue I deal with. A little something that can only be appeased with Vicodin or alcohol. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does I just want to crawl into bed with chocolate and a warm blanket. Well, today (and yesterday) was (were) that day.

I still went to the gym but I wasn’t at my best. I did what I could and I worked up a good sweat. I worked through the nagging pain and came out on the other end a wet, pained hot mess.

But I did it. And on some days that’s all that matters.

35 minutes of cardio. 15-21 incline, 2.6-3.0 speed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me there is some chocolate calling my name and the Tylenol is in my hand.

Have a pleasant night.


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