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My poor dog. My son fed her almost an entire bag of treats. His reason: she likes them. Now she’s as sick as a…well, dog. Sorry. Had to.


She is miserable. She looks awful. It’s actually quite pathetic. Hopefully she will be back to normal soon.

I have a feeling that she won’t want “treats” anymore.



I’ve been bad and haven’t posted. I got tired of all of the exercise posts. So, I’m changing things up and making the exercise posts once a week. Go ahead, rejoice! The rest of the time you’ll get to hear about random things from my life because it gives me something else to think about.

This week at work has been crazy hectic. Imagine being busy, then busier, then on a deadline, then logging hours of overtime, all for another week of it. Oh my!

That is just what you do when the bug man shows up. The paycheck will be sweet. A blessing in disguise.

That’s all for tonight. By the way, exercise has been non-existent this week.

A Test

It took everything I had to get me to go to the gym today. See, I’m in pain. Not from my workout but another issue I deal with. A little something that can only be appeased with Vicodin or alcohol. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does I just want to crawl into bed with chocolate and a warm blanket. Well, today (and yesterday) was (were) that day.

I still went to the gym but I wasn’t at my best. I did what I could and I worked up a good sweat. I worked through the nagging pain and came out on the other end a wet, pained hot mess.

But I did it. And on some days that’s all that matters.

35 minutes of cardio. 15-21 incline, 2.6-3.0 speed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me there is some chocolate calling my name and the Tylenol is in my hand.

Have a pleasant night.

A Reason

I meant to write. Really, I did. Would you believe that I didn’t because my arms were sore? You should.

I was going to write several times but I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even straighten my arms to type. I’m much better now and have since done more cardio and a Body Step class. After which I was a sweaty mess.

I was able to keep up much better at this class. I didn’t stumble around and flail about. I was much more “graceful”. That is if one can be graceful while sweaty and bouncing. It really isn’t possible. That’s the reason ballet isn’t done outside. I can’t see Swan Lake being as beautiful in Spandex and bright red.

But the class was good and I see results. After about two weeks I can see true results. I’m happy that my pants don’t fit. For once.

I will start cleaning out my closet in the next month or so and replacing items. Just the basics for now.

I did realize though that I don’t think I’ve been getting enough calories. I’ve been shaky and weak. I upped my calorie intake a bit by adding some snacks. Each one is about 200 calories.

Next post I’m going to go into some details about the goals I want to achieve. I hope you all will keep me honest with reaching them.

I know weight is just a number. Size is just a number. I’m striving for comfort in my body. Whatever size that is.

I just know I don’t want to quit. I’ll push myself past my comfort zone. I’m aiming for health but I’ll be happy to find a smaller size on that road.

What Not to Say…

To your trainer.  Lex means business.  That much is clear.  He let me have it today.  I’m not even kidding.  This is pretty much how the day went…

Lex:  Have you been following the diet? 

Me: Pretty much. 

Wrong answer.  He moved the incline on the treadmill from 12 to 30.  It was crazy!

Lex: What are you drinking daily?

Me: Water, coffee…

Wrong answer.  10 more reps of this awful, horrible back exercise.

Lex: What’s your favorite number?

Me: Five (big fat lie, it’s actually twenty-two)

Wrong answer.  Take that times five.  OMG!

Lex: Are you enjoying this?

Me: Yes. (Again with the lies)

Wrong answer.  Increase the weight another 20 pounds.

I’d like to curl up and whimper right now.  Crying would take too much effort.  I’d like a nice big bottle of water and a Vicodin please.  And someone to carry me to my bed.  Heck! I’d settle for dragging me to bed.

Cardio tomorrow.  15 incline, 2.5 speed, 30 minutes.  I can totally do that.

Spoke Too Soon

I’m so sore. Every inch of me hurts. Muscles I didn’t think I had hurt. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to train like I’d like to this week considering that even my fingers hurt. I did work out today though. Lightly.

I went for a long walk. In the Texas heat which is the equivalent to walking ten miles in any other place. It was so hot today that I’m pretty sure some of me melted.

The surgery I had a few months ago is not making things easier. I had a breast reduction, going down three sizes and six inches. But lifting weights is painful now, and I’m trying hard to push through the pain. I’ll find the strength. It’s in me. Somewhere.

Tomorrow will be another day. Cardio and some Bodystep. I haven’t taken a step class in twenty years. I hope it’s changed in these years because I really didn’t like it.

I’m down two pounds in a week. That’s not bad. I’ve found new muscles and I think I’ll reach my goal.

No giving up. That’s not an option. Not. An. Option.

Making It Better

Yes, I’m sore. I’m making it better by sitting in a movie theater to watch Harry Potter. At midnight. Yes, I’m a bit over the age limit. See you tomorrow.